Newborn Sessions


First off Congratulations! This is such an exciting and life changing event!  Let’s capture this short window of time when your baby still has that cute, snuggly, newborn look.  It is such a priceless investment!

When is the best time to schedule my newborn session?

Right now!  If you are on our calendar first, you will have priority for your session!  A newborn should be photographed at age 4-10 days.  That way we can capture that adorable, sleepy newborn look, and they are more flexible for those fun poses!

Where are the sessions located?

Right in the comfort and privacy of your home!   When we arrive we will look like we are moving in! We come with lots of props and equipment so we can capture beautiful pictures of your new little one.

If you’re having your baby in the summer when it is warm, definitely consider doing some outdoor photos!  They are our favorite!

How do I prepare my home?

One of the most important things to remember is to turn the temp up in your house to about 80 degrees.  Even though we may be hot and uncomfortable, baby LOVES it!  It’s a great way to put them to sleep.  We will also bring a portable space heater.

  1. We prefer shooting the non-prop pictures and family portraits usually in the master bedroom or nursery. Make sure you clear any rooms of clutter that you want to highlight in the photos (nursery, your bedroom, living room, etc).
  2. For the newborn pictures, we will find a spot in your house (preferably not carpet) to photograph your sweet baby. Occasionally we may need to move furniture or other items around to make room, but don’t worry we will do all the work you just relax.

How do I prepare my newborn?

  1. Please bathe your newborn about an hour before your session. A nice warm 10 minute bath should wake them up and get them all nice and squeaky clean for their modeling debut (as well as tire them out for when it’s time for their session)!
  2. Make sure to try to feed baby right before the session (if schedule allows).  Have your little one loosely in just a diaper swaddled in a blanket, that way we do not have to disrupt him/her by undressing them.
  3. If your baby is having a hard time settling in to positions, we recommend having a pacifier handy even if you never plan to use one again.  Some times that is all it takes to help soothe baby in position to get those much loved sleepy images. This however is completely up to mom and dad.

As the parent, what am I responsible for doing during the session?

We will be doing most of the work.   Sometimes getting one pose can take up to 20 minutes or more.  We can rock and soothe baby as long as needed.  That’s why we include so much extra time during newborn sessions. We know your baby will need to take breaks, not to worry we have built in time to allow for feedings, changes, and crying. 🙂 Also, be prepared for explosions of all kinds. It happens! Make sure to have burp cloths, wipes, and clean up stuff out and ready! (Just in case…).

What is a typical session like?

Each newborn session typically averages between 2-3 hours. Please allow for 3 hours. This is extremely important as we operate on “baby time,” so patience is very important for both the photographer and Mom & Dad! Poses take time to perfect and sometimes baby will fuss a little before they relax into the pose we put them in. Please know that we will never put baby in danger or allow fussing to become anything more than that. We also plan every newborn session to have 2-3 setups for your newborn session in advance.

Should we include ourselves in some of the photos?

Yes!  We suggest beautiful light color of clothing for a soft and gentle look for the photos with Mom, Dad, and siblings.

Can siblings be in photographs as well?

Absolutely! We love sibling photos and we always try to photograph any sibling photos first, so they can get back to playing.

Afterwards we strongly encourage a parent or a grandparent, etc. to take the sibling(s) to another room of the house or on a fun outing while we photograph the new baby. Loud noises can startle baby, so we try to minimize that as much as possible.


Please note:  Parent and sibling pictures with new baby are part of our add on option.



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